House Concerts

BOOKS – specific to house concerts

Carnegie Small:  The Definitive Guide From
PDF:  Carnegie Small (working draft)
Snyder, Fran
Publisher: find a publisher or self-publish?
Length:  probably 220+
Will it still be free as a download? 
House Concert Expert:  How to Earn a Great Living Performing House Concerts
PDF:  House Concert Expert…
2015, April
Dunnery, Francis
Publisher:  Francis\Dunnery
Length:  154 pages  /  ISBN-13:  978-0692424940
Length:  124 pages  /  ASIN:  B00V54LGGW
Paperback:  $19.99  /  Kindle:  $9.99 
How To Host An Amazing House Concert
PDF:  How To Host…
2015, April
Echlin, Michael
Publisher:  EchlinMedia
Length:  19 pages  /  ASIN:  B00VQNZ6BI
Kindle:  $0.00 
The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a House Concert  (Only Sky Artist House Concerts Book 2)
PDF:  The Ultimate Guide…
2014, Feb.
Kristianson, Jennine and Kristianson, Neil
Publisher:  Only Sky Artist
Length:  37 pages  /  ASIN:  B00IIW66BO
Kindle:  $2.99 
House Concerts:  Build a Fan Base One Living Room at a Time  (Only Sky Artist House Concerts Book 1)
PDF:  …Build a fan base…
2014, Feb.
Kristianson, Jennine and Kristianson, Neil
Publisher:  Only Sky Artist
Length:  49 pages
Kindle:  $3.99 
No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender:  How I Made $25K On A 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can Too)
PDF:   No Booker…
2014, Feb.
Curtis, Shannon and Hill, Jamie
Publisher:  Saint Cloud Publishing
Length:  58 pages  /  ASIN:  B00IJRKLB4
Kindle:  $4.99  /  Paperback:  $9.99 Prime 
How to Run a Successful House Show Venue
PDF:  How to Run…
2011, Jan.  23
Silverstein, Roy
Publisher:  FastPencil
Length:  21 pages  /  ASIN:  B004LROVIU
Kindle:  $2.99 
House Concert Guide for Artists
PDF:  House Concert Guide…
2010 (?)
Snyder, Fran
Publisher:  Oasis CD
Length:  21 pages
Free download with musician registration 
House Concert Guide for Hosts
PDF:  House Concert Guide 2…
Snyder, Fran
Publisher:  Yoga Monkey Music
Length:  22 pages
Free download 
The Complete Guide to House Concerts:  And Other Satisfying Alternative Venues (InstantPro)
2003, June
Belleville, Nyree
Publisher:  Artistpro
Length:  80 pages  /  ISBN-13:  978-1931140317
Paperback:  $9.39 
House Concerts A Guide for Musicians and Hosts
1999, May
McLeod, Douglas and Ransom, Kimberli
Publisher:  WordWorks Publishing
Length:  128 pages  /  ISBN-13:  978-0967256801
Paperback:  $19.99 
The Musician’s Guide to House Concerts
PDF:  The Musicians Guide…
Snyder, Fran
Publisher:  Oasis CD
Length:  13 pages
Free download