Teaching Philosophy


GTW 101/102 ♦ Gateways I & II

Gateways is a required course for all incoming first-year students.♦ Students learn the necessary skills for college success, including course planning, time management, study skills, personal and relationship issues, and student organization involvement.
HON 100/102 ♦ Pathways to Honors 1 & 2
The fundamental goal of Pathways to Honors 1 is to help make their college experience more challenging, more meaningful and more successful.♦ The focus is on active learning through outside-the-classroom experiences, such as community outreach and the Honors Symposia series.
COM 225 ♦ Media Writing

This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of writing for major types of mass communications media with an emphasis on content, organization, conciseness and clarity.♦ Students learn different styles of writing for print media, broadcast media, the Web, advertising, and public relations.♦ This course also discusses the ethical and legal implications of writing for the media.
COM 282  Survey of Advertising and Public Relations
This course explores the history, theory and practice of advertising and public relations.♦ History and critical studies encourage research and discussion about how advertising and public relations have come to shape economies and consumer cultures.♦ Principles in marketing, media and visual communication are discussed.♦
COM 301  Introduction to Organizational Communication
This course introduces students to theory, research, and applied practice in the study of organizational communication.♦ Students explore the role human communication plays in structuring, maintaining, and changing organizations, and they survey specific issues within the study of organizational communication, including socialization, decision making, conflict, stress and burnout, cultural diversity, and external communication.
COM 384  Writing for Public Relations
This course involves training in theory, form and style of writing public relations materials for all stages and types of public relations campaigns.♦ This course is designed to provide students with a broad range of public relations writing skills utilized in the industry.
COM 399  Student Independent Study Courses
Students work collaboratively with an instructor to develop a research or creative project.♦ Projects sponsored in the past included:
– Research on Web resources for public relations writing

– Campaign development for child protection services

– Research on emotional labor in organizational context and college life

The aspect of public relations in plant closings
– Nonprofit communication and management

– Culture, communication and social change for honors
COM 436  Critical Issues in Public Communication
This course takes a critical look at public communication (public relations, advertising and journalism).♦ The course examines individual, institutional, and systemic questions of ethics, social impact, cultural influence and power.♦ The course challenges participants to evaluate their own personal standards for professional conduct and to develop criteria for evaluating the role of public communication in all aspects of contemporary life.
[Cover art from: Bivins, Thomas. (2009). Mixed Media: Moral Distinctions in Advertising, Public Relations, and Journalism (2nd ed.)]
COM 584  Public Relations Campaigns
This course focuses on a systematic process of public relations, including research, strategic planning, communication tactics and evaluation.♦ Through an extensive public relations campaign project, students understand and practice the multifaceted and strategic nature of public relations.♦ The course involves case studies, group problem-solving, writing, production and client relations work.
EMBA 715 ? Business Communication & Interpersonal Skills

This is a hands-on course designed to help students sharpen communication and interpersonal skills through class activities, writing, presentations, and simulations.♦ It focuses on writing, speaking and interpersonal skills (i.e., negotiations, persuasion, diplomacy, and conflict resolution) necessary for a career as a business leader.