Gateways & Pathways

GTW 101 ? Gateways I & GTW 102 ? Gateways II
Gateways is a required course for all incoming first-year students.  Students learn the necessary skills for college success, including course planning, time management, study skills, personal and relationship issues, and student organization involvement.
Fall 2010 & Spring 2011
GTW 100 syllabus (now GTW 101)
GTW 102 syllabus
HON 100/102 ? Pathways to Honors 1 & HON 102 ? Pathways to Honors 2
The fundamental goal of Pathways to Honors 1 is to help make the college experience more challenging, more meaningful and more successful.  The focus is on active learning through outside-the-classroom experiences, such as community outreach and the Honors Symposia series.
Pathways to Honors 2
introduces students to the philosophical underpinnings of the Honors Program: “Challenging Mindsets.”  It encourages students to explore Honors Program offerings and to continue their pursuit of experiential learning and their development of leadership skills.
Fall 2011
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