Old Courses

COM 101 • Fundamentals of Speech / SPC 2600 • Public Speaking
This course helps students develop communication skills that contribute to academic, vocational, personal and social success in a wide variety of contexts.  Fundamental to the course is the idea that presentation skills are a means of empowerment. 
COM 201/229 • Media Writing
This course offers an introduction to the basics of journalistic writing.  The focus is on mechanics, clarity and conciseness.  Although this course includes a brief introduction to broadcast, online and persuasive writing, the focus is on mastering skills of good writing for news media.
COM 225 • Writing for Electronic Communication
This course helps students master the diverse writing styles and formats used in writing for radio, television and new media.  This may include writing public service announcements (PSAs), station IDs, promotional announcements, script formats, commercials, news copy and program materials.  Emphasis is on developing broadcast copy style and distinguishing words directed toward the ear.  The primary focus is on mastering skills of mechanics, clarity and conciseness in writing for electronic media.
SPC 2541 • Persuasion
We are confronted with persuasive communication every day, all the time.  We cannot avoid it, but we often don’t recognize it.  We learn how to “not-see” it.  This course helps students learn how to see it, hear it, feel it, as well as how to navigate themselves among it as both consumers and creators of persuasive communication.
COM 305 • Principles of Public Relations
This is an introductory course to public relations communication.  The course helps students learn to recognize, personalize and socialize principles of public relations:  students recognize the basic concepts and principles of public relations; they personalize these concepts to their professional career interests; and they gain an understanding of the social importance of public relations in our community and organizations.
COM 3110 • Communication for Business & Professions
This course helps students identify and improve communication skills in business and professional settings.  Specific objectives include: (1) understanding theories of communication in organizations; (2) improving interpersonal skills and work relationships in organizations; (3) improving presentation skills; (4) using small-group, team and problem-solving skills; (5) enhancing interview skills; and (6) analyzing and applying theory to everyday business practice.
COM 382 • Writing for Advertising & Public Relations
This course involves training in theory, form and style of writing advertising copy and public relations materials for both print and broadcast media.  This course is designed to provide students with a broad range of advertising and public relations writing skills used in the industry.
PSY 470 ? Psychology Directed Study ? LifeLines Peer Counseling Program
Students are educated and coached to provide campus-wide trainings in the area of preventive mental health.
COM 482 • Advertising and PR: Strategic Design, Communication and Innovation
This course applies theory and practical skills in advertising and public relations to the development of campaign strategies, brand management, product innovation, and visual communication.  The course involves case studies, group problem-solving exercises, extensive research, writing and production work.
SPC 4714 • Communication, Culture & Community
This course examines the relationships among cultural institutions, community places and public and private life.  Students explore the possibilities and problems of contemporary forms of community through service with a charitable nonprofit organization.  The practical experience of the volunteer service helps students generate questions and discussion readings to explore the relationships between theory and practice.